3 Ways To Style A Blazer…


1A14652D-80BB-4E5A-AB05-CB6B4992BEEFOversized blazers have made a HUGE comeback and I am here for it! I got this blazer from ZARA. I love it because it’s affordable, it’s perfectly oversized, the green color is on trend for Spring/Summer, and it can dress up any casual outfit . Today, I’m going to show you 3 different outfits so you can feel stylish and pulled together wearing one all Summer long.


This first look is what I like to call “soccer mom chic” It’s comfortable, easy to put together and you’re going to look super stylish running your errands! I dressed down the blazer with some distressed jeans, a Stranger things tee and some white sneakers.

If you’ve been following my page for a while, You know I love a monochromatic look, so I had to do it for my second look. I love that the mini skirt in this set gives the usual power suit a fresh twist. I finished it with some knee high boots to give it a bit of an edgier feel.

The last look would be what you would wear if you wanted to go out with your coworkers after work, it’s dressy but the colorful blazer keeps it youthful and stylish.

How to style a puffer vest…

Puffer vest are all the rage this season. I’m sure by now you’ve seen puffer jackets all over social media and clothing stores, so today I’m going to show you 3 ways you can wear the one you’ve been eyeing. The one I’m wearing today is from H&M and it was only $50! I opted for a vest since San Diego Winter’s are honestly never that cold. I chose to go for 3 monochromatic looks so the vest is the item that stands out the most.

2022 winter fashion

The first look is perfect for your 9-5, or maybe a lunch date! I styled some nude slacks with a cute nude blouse, and added a tote bag to keep it casual, and keep the monochromatic look going.

The second look is a casual look you can wear out to run errands, I paired a tan sweatsuit with my white doc’s to give it an edgier look, and sealed the deal with the white puffer, it’s comfortable and it looks like you actually tried!

The last look it’s probably one of my favorites, this is perfect for a date night or a night out with your girls, I wore a black sweater and added some leather pants to give the outfit a little more shape , and finished the outfit with black boots to help my 5’2 frame look longer and of course the star of the show the white puffer vest

H&M Puffer Vest

How To Style Band Tees

Trendy: How To Style Band Tees

Hi friends, happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week! today I’m going to show you all different ways I style band tees. I love them because they’re so versatile. You can dress them up or down, they’re extremely flattering and comfortable! Definitely a staple piece you should have in your closet. I have done a total of 4 different looks with 3 different tees to show you some variety, but you can recreate any of these looks with one tee. Enjoy!

The Beatles Tee

I love to style my tees with some biker shorts and a cute pair of sneakers for an every day look, you’ll be comfortable and trendy to go on with your day and run your errands! I got this tee at Forever 21, I like it because it’s slightly over sized but still snug enough to keep you looking put together.

The Beatles Tee 2.0

Here I’ve taken that same tee from the last outfit, added some joggers, heels and a cute bag to dress it up. I ALWAYS do a French tuck with all my over sized tops for a more polished look. I would probably wear this outfit to go out to dinner and drinks with the girls!

The Jimi Hendrix Tee

I love to pair up tees with midi skirts! it gives them such a girly feel, I also love how you can play with different patterns and it all just goes together! I bought this tee from Forever 21 as well so it’s super affordable! I decided to elevate the look a little bit with a hat from Urban Outfitters and some crocodile print boots.

The Bon Jovi Tee

Lastly, you can wear your tee as a dress! I told you they’re super versatile! I got this Bon Jovi tee from Urban Outfitters, I love how over sized it fits and the material is thicker than the Forever 21 tees. I paired it with thigh high boots and a cross body bag to add a little more shape.


The Beatles Tee

Similar to The Jimi Hendrix Tee

Similar to The Bon Jovi Tee