3 Ways To Style A Blazer…


1A14652D-80BB-4E5A-AB05-CB6B4992BEEFOversized blazers have made a HUGE comeback and I am here for it! I got this blazer from ZARA. I love it because it’s affordable, it’s perfectly oversized, the green color is on trend for Spring/Summer, and it can dress up any casual outfit . Today, I’m going to show you 3 different outfits so you can feel stylish and pulled together wearing one all Summer long.


This first look is what I like to call “soccer mom chic” It’s comfortable, easy to put together and you’re going to look super stylish running your errands! I dressed down the blazer with some distressed jeans, a Stranger things tee and some white sneakers.

If you’ve been following my page for a while, You know I love a monochromatic look, so I had to do it for my second look. I love that the mini skirt in this set gives the usual power suit a fresh twist. I finished it with some knee high boots to give it a bit of an edgier feel.

The last look would be what you would wear if you wanted to go out with your coworkers after work, it’s dressy but the colorful blazer keeps it youthful and stylish.

How to style a puffer vest…

Puffer vest are all the rage this season. I’m sure by now you’ve seen puffer jackets all over social media and clothing stores, so today I’m going to show you 3 ways you can wear the one you’ve been eyeing. The one I’m wearing today is from H&M and it was only $50! I opted for a vest since San Diego Winter’s are honestly never that cold. I chose to go for 3 monochromatic looks so the vest is the item that stands out the most.

2022 winter fashion

The first look is perfect for your 9-5, or maybe a lunch date! I styled some nude slacks with a cute nude blouse, and added a tote bag to keep it casual, and keep the monochromatic look going.

The second look is a casual look you can wear out to run errands, I paired a tan sweatsuit with my white doc’s to give it an edgier look, and sealed the deal with the white puffer, it’s comfortable and it looks like you actually tried!

The last look it’s probably one of my favorites, this is perfect for a date night or a night out with your girls, I wore a black sweater and added some leather pants to give the outfit a little more shape , and finished the outfit with black boots to help my 5’2 frame look longer and of course the star of the show the white puffer vest

H&M Puffer Vest

How To Style Band Tees

Trendy: How To Style Band Tees

Hi friends, happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week! today I’m going to show you all different ways I style band tees. I love them because they’re so versatile. You can dress them up or down, they’re extremely flattering and comfortable! Definitely a staple piece you should have in your closet. I have done a total of 4 different looks with 3 different tees to show you some variety, but you can recreate any of these looks with one tee. Enjoy!

The Beatles Tee

I love to style my tees with some biker shorts and a cute pair of sneakers for an every day look, you’ll be comfortable and trendy to go on with your day and run your errands! I got this tee at Forever 21, I like it because it’s slightly over sized but still snug enough to keep you looking put together.

The Beatles Tee 2.0

Here I’ve taken that same tee from the last outfit, added some joggers, heels and a cute bag to dress it up. I ALWAYS do a French tuck with all my over sized tops for a more polished look. I would probably wear this outfit to go out to dinner and drinks with the girls!

The Jimi Hendrix Tee

I love to pair up tees with midi skirts! it gives them such a girly feel, I also love how you can play with different patterns and it all just goes together! I bought this tee from Forever 21 as well so it’s super affordable! I decided to elevate the look a little bit with a hat from Urban Outfitters and some crocodile print boots.

The Bon Jovi Tee

Lastly, you can wear your tee as a dress! I told you they’re super versatile! I got this Bon Jovi tee from Urban Outfitters, I love how over sized it fits and the material is thicker than the Forever 21 tees. I paired it with thigh high boots and a cross body bag to add a little more shape.


The Beatles Tee

Similar to The Jimi Hendrix Tee

Similar to The Bon Jovi Tee

Steve Madden Haul


Hello friends!! it’s been a whileeee! I apologize for being so MIA, but quarantine has me feeling drained, and if you’re feeling how I’m feeling. Let me tell you some retail therapy does the trick! I got some amazing new shoes from Steve Madden a month ago, so this haul is long overdue! Regardless here it is with direct links hyperlinked in the pictures, in case you love them as much as I do!

Cairo Camel Suede

I love all the shoes I got, but I especially love how versatile these little mules are! You can wear them with jeans and a tee to add a little flair to your outfit or you can pair them up with a skirt for work. The color is perfect to go with pretty much any outfit! These are originally $89 but they’re 50 percent off with the discount code SPRING50.


I LOVE how comfortable these guys are! I’m usually always in some sort of heel because I’m only 5’2 and I need the extra inches to see the rest of the world! Lol, but with these I don’t even care that my eyesight is limited! They are so cute and comfortable! and thanks to the tan color they go with everything!! I usually wear them with cropped boyfriend or mom jeans and an oversized button up or a graphic tee. These are $89 and unfortunately sold out, but you can pre order them to get them in October!


I honestly just got these because they gave me Yeezy vibes without the Yeezy price, and they are my new favorite pair of heels! They go with so many different outfits, and every time I wear them I get so many compliments on them. Unfortunately these are completely sold out, but I’ve linked some strappy clear heels from ASOS that are just as cute!


I haven’t even been able to wear these yet! I specifically got them to wear them in the Summer because they looked so comfortable. Luckily for me it’s Summer almost all year round in San Diego so I’m sure I’ll wear them into the Fall. I can see these being paired with a simple satin maxi dress, or a cute maxi skirt. These are $80.


I adore a good bootie, I literally adore them so much that when I find a comfortable one I wear it to the ground! and these are so comfortable, and the print is so cute! These go great with some skinny or wide cute jeans and a tee! These are $149.


The Audience was the last pair I got & like I said, I love a good, comfortable bootie. These are exactly that! the heel is enough to give you a little boost, but small enough to be comfortable enough to wear all day. I love that even though they’re black the shiny material and crocodile print add a more edgy feel to them. These go great with pretty much anything since they hit right at the ankle you can wear them with dresses, skirts or jeans. Go wild! These are $134 but they’re on sale for 50 percent off with the code SPRING50.

Happy Leap Day!

Brand Deals

Hi Friends! Happy Leap Day! I hope you all have an amazing extra day and go out and do something fun!! If not, you can at least get some shopping done! You know retail stores are always looking for an excuse for sales and what’s a better excuse than an extra day in February. I went ahead and looked up what stores were having these deals and here’s what I found!

-Topshop has 20% off site wide and free shipping with code LEAP20. If you read my last post, you know I LOVE my Topshop jeans, so now is the time to try them!

– Bare Necessities has 29% off on a bunch of styles anddd free 2 day shipping on orders over $70! So you get your goodies ASAP!

– Reebok has a ton of deals starting at $29.99 with code LEAP

– Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores! and they are having hundreds of items on sale for $29 or less, plus free shipping on orders over $50!

– The GAP is offering an extra 10% off, which may not sound like a lot but you can tack the extra 10 onto other sales!

3 Most Favorite TopShop Jeans


I used to never really think too much about jeans, I would just get some that fit and called it a day. Until my coworker introduced me to Topshop jeans and I became obsessed! I swear I bought 4 pairs in one month, I started with one, went back the following week for another one, then the next week I got 2 more! Luckily for me, Topshops in the U.S closed down and now I can control myself and just order what I need online. So today, I’m going to show you my 3 favorite cuts so you can order them and become obsessed yourself!

The Jamie Jeans $70 – BEST skinny jeans EVER! They’re a bit stretchy so they hug you in all the right places & they’re super comfortable. They are also super versatile, you can dress them up with some heels or down with some sneakers. The quality on these is amazing! Well worth the price.

The Hayden Jeans $67- Cutest bf jeans! I’m only 5’2, so when the whole bf jean fad started I couldn’t find any jeans that fit me the right way, till I found these. They’re slightly cropped, so they hit me right above the ankle, and they’re a bit over sized but snug enough to not feel like you’re drowning in them. They are also on sale right now!

The Dad Jeans $75 – These ones are everythingggg, they are straight leg so you can tuck them into some boots for that LA look, you can wear some cute mules with them or even some dad sneakers! They’re also extremely comfortable and they’re mid rise so you can wear them with almost any top!

Black Friday Sales

Forever 21 Black Friday Haul

Hello friends!! I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA. The holidays are here and its been a bit overwhelming, and honestly I’ve just been uninspired. uninspired to write, or dress up buuut you know what helps the holiday blues? SHOPPING! and you know what’s even better than shopping?Getting GREAT DEALS! I did a lot of black Friday online shopping, most stores had 30-50% off all purchases. I shopped at Macy’s, Adidas, Michael Kors, Lacoste and Nike, but most of my purchases from those stores are gifts to my loved ones so I won’t be writing about those. I did however buy myself a bunch of clothes at Forever 21, If you follow me on instagram I’m sure you saw the pieces already, but here I’m going to link the pieces that are still available if you’re interested in getting them. They currently have 20% off the site with an additional 50% off sale items AND they have 50% off everything in store!!

First is this gorgeous satin midi skirt, the material is so soft and it’s the perfect pink. This one was originally $15 and I got it for $8.

I’m always cold, so I’m always on the hunt for cute thick jackets and this is it! Not only is it fluffy and thick enough to keep me warm, but it’s also slightly cropped so it’s comfortable enough to wear while you’re at work and not feel like you’re drowning in your jacket, always a plus for us petite girls! The original price for this one was $55 and i got it for $26! Luckily for you if you want to get it it’s still on sale for $27!

I also got this super cute cardigan, it’s so soft and slightly over sized to keep you warm, comfy and stylish. Originally it’s $38 and I got it for $18!

This one is one of my favorite purchases, it’s so warm and so cute! the original price for this one was $35 but I got it for $21.

I actually got this one in black, unfortunately the black one is sold out but this cream color is gorgeous! I was a little disappointed in the material, it’s a little thinner than I expected but for this price I can’t really complain. Originally this runs around $42 but I got it for $25!

I literally LIVE in this sweater!it’s so warm and comfortable and a great conversation starter!! Every time I wear this out people start talking to me about the show! Originally this sweater is $25 but I got it for $15.

This hooded sweater dress is EVERYTHING, you could dress it up with some boots or dress it down with some sneakers. Every time I wear this dress I get so many compliments and questions about where I got it. Well it’s from Forever 21 & it’s available for 25% off! Original price is $20 and I got it for $12!

This corduroy skirt is so cute and it has freaking pockets!!! originally this one was $15 and I got it for $7.

This little fuzzy crop top is the perfect shade of pink and it’s so soft! originally $15 and I got it for $7

I was really excited for this striped sweater but I was a little disappointed with the material on this one, it’s super thin and it runs small. It’s not bad for the price but definitely size up if you’re looking for a looser fit. Originally $19 and I got it for $9

I LOVE this one!! it’s so cute and soft and the color is gorgeous! it also keeps me pretty warm which is always a plus. Originally it was $25 and I got it for $10!

The Pleather Jacket Outfits


I love me a good pleather jacket, it keeps me warm, stylish and I’m not wearing a dead cow which is always a plus in my book! I usually buy one every beginning of Fall to keep me warm all the way till the end of Spring. The one I bought this season is from Topshop. My coworker Jo told me about this great deal Nordstrom was having on this jacket and I had to get it. Originally it was a little over $100 and I got it for $51! Unfortunately, this one is sold out now but H&M carries a very similar one for about the same price (I have linked it in the picture below). Today I will be showing you 3 ways you can style your pleather jacket, but in reality the possibilities are endless!


Whenever I don’t feel like dressing up, I opt for a monochromatic sporty outfit & spice it up with my jacket. Usually it’s all black, or all gray. Those are honestly the only colors I can wear from head to toe comfortably. Here I wore a black band tee with some sporty leggings and some sneakers. If you’re going to wear leggings as pants, make sure they’re athletic apparel so they’re nice and thick and don’t show anything! They don’t have to be expensive! I got these from Forever 21 for $20!


Another plus is you can turn your favorite Summer outfit into a Fall outfit by just adding your jacket and some booties! I wore this skirt from Asos a million times this Summer, It’s so girly and comfortable I was not ready to retire it! I added a white button up tied at the front for a cropped look.


If you’re a “grandma” like me, you don’t own any clothes to go out in. Back when I was 21 my BFF and I used to go out every weekend! I had so many cute dresses and super high heels I don’t even know how I was able to walk and dance all night in them! Definitely not the case anymore. I NEED comfort! Here I went with the all black again, I added my faux leather jacket and thigh high boots to make my Blaire Waldorf inspired outfit a little sexier for a night out with the girls. Kind of channeling her that first night she hooked up with Chuck Bass. If you know, you know! and if you don’t know catch up before they remove GG from Netflix!

FALLing Deep Into October


It’s finally starting to feel like Autumn is here! I live in San Diego, so I really don’t get to enjoy seasons. Once it starts to cool down a bit though I’m so ready to bust out my chunky sweaters, boots and trench coats and pretend it’s actually cold outside. Fall 2019 is filled with such cute fashion! We have the puff sleeve sweaters, the plaid, all the lavender on the runway & we can’t forget about the itty bitty bags! Here are my top 5 closet staples you should grab to keep you stylish this season!

Leopard is EVERYWHERE this season, literally. You can’t go on instagram and not spot someone in leopard something. Especially midi leopard skirts! Midi skirts are so comfy and the leopard adds so much trendiness to your outfit. You can style it with a cute long sleeve like the picture above or a black, chunky sweater! (my fave!)

Sliiip into satin this season, There’s a satin something for everyone this Fall! Satin is a material that can be a little hard to dress down for every day use, so I recommend getting a cute pair of trousers and an oversized button up and tucking it in halfway for a more relaxed look.

Puff sleeves are all the craze this season, there’s puff sleeve blouses, sweaters and dresses! I love a comfy puff sleeve sweater with some skinny jeans & some strappy gold heels. You’ll be super stylish at any get together.

Invest in a long statement coat!This season you’ll find coats to be SUPER long. Which can be a struggle if you’re a petite woman like me (I’m only 5’2). Find a coat that you love, and get it altered so it fits right above your ankles. I love this trend because you’ll be comfortable, and warm wrapped up in your coat buuuut you’ll look super chic! Add some booties and your good to go!

Lastly, the teeny tiny bags!! you can wear a cute sweater, some ripped jeans and step up your outfit by adding one of these bad boys! Opt for a snake or croc print to really add some style.