7 Tips In Surviving Quarantine


Hello friends! I hope you’re all staying happy and healthy during this pandemic. It’s been a ride for me, there’s days I feel super happy and productive and others I just want to stay in bed and watch trashy TV to help me forget about real life problems. Regardless, I’m just grateful that my family and I have stayed healthy. Today I’m going to tell you how I’m managing to stay sane through this lockdown and hopefully it helps give you some ideas!


Even though I don’t usually work a Mon-Fri job, This is the time I’m giving myself that schedule. I have to be somewhat productive those days so I don’t feel bad for staying in bed all day during the weekend. If you’re like me and you’re completely out of a job during this time it’s hard to find ways to stay productive, but there’s definitely ways! here’s what I do…


Release those endorphins!! I try to workout everyday for at least 30 minutes, It doesn’t have to be hard workouts that make you hate life. Some days I just go for long walks and that’s my work out, other days My boyfriend, dog and I will go for a run and then I’ll come home and do some strength training. There are tons of free online workout videos you can follow but my favorite is the FitOn app, if you haven’t heard of it yet you’re about to be hooked! it’s a free app with a ton of different work out videos. They also have different intensities, and all of the trainers do a great job of keeping it fun while still kicking your butt!


I don’t know about you but I LOVE cooking new things, I think it’s so therapeutic and you get an instant satisfaction. If you haven’t tried Homechef yet now is the time! They deliver to your door once a week so you don’t even have to go to the grocery store as often and you get everything you need for their recipes, except for salt, oil & pepper. All of their recipes are so delicious and you get to pick and customize your order which is nice since my boyfriend and I don’t eat meat. If you’re not into the whole food delivery services, cooking books are a good way to go I mean yeah, we have Pinterest and Youtube now but there’s something about a good cook book that makes cooking more fun.


I’m not saying eat a kale salad everyday for lunch and dinner but try to incorporate healthier meals through out the week to keep your body feeling good. When the lockdown first started I was pigging out I felt gross, and even more depressed! So this has definitely helped me feel better and like I’m doing something good for my body. Yes I still eat ice cream and chips, but it’s BALANCE my friends!


Try to find a new hobby that doesn’t require any screen time. I’ve discovered that I enjoy puzzling!


I LOVE reading, but I felt like I never had time to read because I was always on the go. Now I’ll schedule myself 30-45 minutes a day and I just sit down and read till my alarm goes off and its the most peaceful thing ever!


Lastly schedule some self care time EVERY DAY, 10-30 minutes of doing something to help you feel good! wether it’s stretching, doing a face mask or painting your nails. Figure out what you like. Now is the time to get to know ourselves and really take care of us!

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