3 Most Favorite TopShop Jeans


I used to never really think too much about jeans, I would just get some that fit and called it a day. Until my coworker introduced me to Topshop jeans and I became obsessed! I swear I bought 4 pairs in one month, I started with one, went back the following week for another one, then the next week I got 2 more! Luckily for me, Topshops in the U.S closed down and now I can control myself and just order what I need online. So today, I’m going to show you my 3 favorite cuts so you can order them and become obsessed yourself!

The Jamie Jeans $70 – BEST skinny jeans EVER! They’re a bit stretchy so they hug you in all the right places & they’re super comfortable. They are also super versatile, you can dress them up with some heels or down with some sneakers. The quality on these is amazing! Well worth the price.

The Hayden Jeans $67- Cutest bf jeans! I’m only 5’2, so when the whole bf jean fad started I couldn’t find any jeans that fit me the right way, till I found these. They’re slightly cropped, so they hit me right above the ankle, and they’re a bit over sized but snug enough to not feel like you’re drowning in them. They are also on sale right now!

The Dad Jeans $75 – These ones are everythingggg, they are straight leg so you can tuck them into some boots for that LA look, you can wear some cute mules with them or even some dad sneakers! They’re also extremely comfortable and they’re mid rise so you can wear them with almost any top!

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