Black Friday Sales

Forever 21 Black Friday Haul

Hello friends!! I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA. The holidays are here and its been a bit overwhelming, and honestly I’ve just been uninspired. uninspired to write, or dress up buuut you know what helps the holiday blues? SHOPPING! and you know what’s even better than shopping?Getting GREAT DEALS! I did a lot of black Friday online shopping, most stores had 30-50% off all purchases. I shopped at Macy’s, Adidas, Michael Kors, Lacoste and Nike, but most of my purchases from those stores are gifts to my loved ones so I won’t be writing about those. I did however buy myself a bunch of clothes at Forever 21, If you follow me on instagram I’m sure you saw the pieces already, but here I’m going to link the pieces that are still available if you’re interested in getting them. They currently have 20% off the site with an additional 50% off sale items AND they have 50% off everything in store!!

First is this gorgeous satin midi skirt, the material is so soft and it’s the perfect pink. This one was originally $15 and I got it for $8.

I’m always cold, so I’m always on the hunt for cute thick jackets and this is it! Not only is it fluffy and thick enough to keep me warm, but it’s also slightly cropped so it’s comfortable enough to wear while you’re at work and not feel like you’re drowning in your jacket, always a plus for us petite girls! The original price for this one was $55 and i got it for $26! Luckily for you if you want to get it it’s still on sale for $27!

I also got this super cute cardigan, it’s so soft and slightly over sized to keep you warm, comfy and stylish. Originally it’s $38 and I got it for $18!

This one is one of my favorite purchases, it’s so warm and so cute! the original price for this one was $35 but I got it for $21.

I actually got this one in black, unfortunately the black one is sold out but this cream color is gorgeous! I was a little disappointed in the material, it’s a little thinner than I expected but for this price I can’t really complain. Originally this runs around $42 but I got it for $25!

I literally LIVE in this sweater!it’s so warm and comfortable and a great conversation starter!! Every time I wear this out people start talking to me about the show! Originally this sweater is $25 but I got it for $15.

This hooded sweater dress is EVERYTHING, you could dress it up with some boots or dress it down with some sneakers. Every time I wear this dress I get so many compliments and questions about where I got it. Well it’s from Forever 21 & it’s available for 25% off! Original price is $20 and I got it for $12!

This corduroy skirt is so cute and it has freaking pockets!!! originally this one was $15 and I got it for $7.

This little fuzzy crop top is the perfect shade of pink and it’s so soft! originally $15 and I got it for $7

I was really excited for this striped sweater but I was a little disappointed with the material on this one, it’s super thin and it runs small. It’s not bad for the price but definitely size up if you’re looking for a looser fit. Originally $19 and I got it for $9

I LOVE this one!! it’s so cute and soft and the color is gorgeous! it also keeps me pretty warm which is always a plus. Originally it was $25 and I got it for $10!

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