The Pleather Jacket Outfits


I love me a good pleather jacket, it keeps me warm, stylish and I’m not wearing a dead cow which is always a plus in my book! I usually buy one every beginning of Fall to keep me warm all the way till the end of Spring. The one I bought this season is from Topshop. My coworker Jo told me about this great deal Nordstrom was having on this jacket and I had to get it. Originally it was a little over $100 and I got it for $51! Unfortunately, this one is sold out now but H&M carries a very similar one for about the same price (I have linked it in the picture below). Today I will be showing you 3 ways you can style your pleather jacket, but in reality the possibilities are endless!


Whenever I don’t feel like dressing up, I opt for a monochromatic sporty outfit & spice it up with my jacket. Usually it’s all black, or all gray. Those are honestly the only colors I can wear from head to toe comfortably. Here I wore a black band tee with some sporty leggings and some sneakers. If you’re going to wear leggings as pants, make sure they’re athletic apparel so they’re nice and thick and don’t show anything! They don’t have to be expensive! I got these from Forever 21 for $20!


Another plus is you can turn your favorite Summer outfit into a Fall outfit by just adding your jacket and some booties! I wore this skirt from Asos a million times this Summer, It’s so girly and comfortable I was not ready to retire it! I added a white button up tied at the front for a cropped look.


If you’re a “grandma” like me, you don’t own any clothes to go out in. Back when I was 21 my BFF and I used to go out every weekend! I had so many cute dresses and super high heels I don’t even know how I was able to walk and dance all night in them! Definitely not the case anymore. I NEED comfort! Here I went with the all black again, I added my faux leather jacket and thigh high boots to make my Blaire Waldorf inspired outfit a little sexier for a night out with the girls. Kind of channeling her that first night she hooked up with Chuck Bass. If you know, you know! and if you don’t know catch up before they remove GG from Netflix!

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