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Dry Shampoo for the WIN!

If you’re not obsessed with dry shampoo yet, you’re about to be! Dry shampoo is one of those products that everyone needs to use. It’s fast, easy and has many benefits. As a hairdresser I never recommend that my guests wash their hair more than 3 times a week. Washing your hair often dries out your scalp, which leads to DRY HAIR! ugh!! You need those natural oils your scalp produces to keep your hair the healthiest it can be. Another benefit of grabbing the dry shampoo bottle instead of washing, is that the color that you paid hundreds of dollars in the salon for will last longer! Every time you wash your hair it strips the color leaving you with sad, dull strands. Dry shampoo is super easy to use, simply spray at your root and brush through. I always recommend to spray first thing when you’re getting ready in the morning, then do your make up, get dressed and then brush through and style your hair. Those extra moments will give the dry shampoo more time to soak up the oils before you brush! Here are my top 3 dry shampoo recommendations…

IGK First Class Charcoal dry shampoo is amazing! it soaks up all the oils and adds so much volume and texture to your hair! It has a strong scent when you first spray it but it doesn’t last long. The volume and clean hair lasts all day though! IGK carries 2 other dry shampoos, Direct Flight & Jet Lag for medium and light cleansing, but First Class is the best one in my opinion! You can get it at your local Sephora or online for about $27

My dearly Amika! Amika is formulated without talc or aluminum so there’s no yucky stuff being absorbed into your scalp. Because it’s talc free it doesn’t have that gritty feeling a lot of dry shampoos have, it does however still soak up excess oils and adds volume. The smell on this one is sooooo good!! I honestly wish they would make a fragrance of this because I could smell this forever! You can score this bad boy for about $25 at Sephora or online.

Lastly we have Batiste, Batiste is known for their dry shampoos. They have a ton of different scents and colors so theirs an option for everyone. The cool part about these having color in them, is that if you have grey you can spray this and it will cover it up till your next wash. They’re also the most affordable of the 3, so if you don’t want to spend too much you can try them out for about $9 at your local drugstore.

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